European dialogue at the Book Fair

In these turbulent times when Europe's borders are on top of the political agenda, EUNIC - a platform for European cultural institutes and embassies in Sweden - arranges a transnational program that creates dialogue and builds cultural bridges. In five seminars at the Göteborg Book Fair writers from all over Europe will talk about migration, freedom of expression, language, literature and other topics. Elena Medel, Eugène, Igiaba Scego, Joanna Bator and Abbas Khider are some of the writers participating.

Answers the real big questions

Do you have questions about the universe that you've been thinking of? Here's the chance to get some answers. This fall, physicist Christopher Galfard will visit the Göteborg Book Fair.

Meg Wolitzer to Göteborg Book Fair

Joan Castleman is on an airplane thousands of meters up in the air when she decides to leave her husband – a celebrated and self-righteous writer. That's the beginning of The Wife by author Meg Wolitzer, who's visiting Göteborg and the book fair this fall.

Sparse and poetic with Kim Thúy

Canadian-Vietnamese writer Kim Thuy is one of the guests at the Book Fair this year. Her third novel Vi will be published in Swedish this spring.

Urban fantasy writer to the Book Fair

Fantasy author Jonathan Stroud will visit Göteborg Book Fair in 2016. This year, the third novel in his Lockwood & Co series, The Hollow Boy, will be published in Swedish.

Karen Armstrong - first guest at the Book Fair 2016

In her latest book Fields of Blood Karen Armstrong challenges the notion that religion is the cause behind many of the world's major conflicts. This fall, the prominent British historian of religion will participate in a seminar and other events at the Book Fair.

Fellowship program 2016

The Swedish Arts Council and Göteborg Book Fair provide a fellowship program for translators from Swedish into other languages, as well as non-Nordic publishers and sub-agents interested in attending the Göteborg Book Fair.

Loretta Napoleoni on the Islamic State

"I think what we need to do is realize that the policy that we have carried out until now, military intervention, clearly doesn't work. We have been bombing that region now for thirteen months and the Islamic State is bigger than it was before. "

Italian journalist and terrorism expert Loretta Napoleoni, author of The Islamist Phoenix, at a seminar at Göteborg Book Fair 2015.



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